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Italian Group at St Anthony

A team of Italians at St. Anthony’s formed a committee in 1974-75 with the intention of meeting once a month for social support and to organise functions for themselves and to reach out into the wider Parish community. Original members were Vince Tasconi, Valmorbida Costa and others. Vince Tasconi became President of the Committee in 1980-81 and immediately went to work organising events such as basket dances, pizza nights etc. In 1990 Lina Rubino took over the Presidency with a new team. She widened the range of functions to include bingo - tombola nights, bus trips and Italian Family Nights. Fundraising from these events went to assist the parish and to help out the poor at Christmas time. The committee members always strive to do their best and warmly invite others to join them in their functions. 

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Holy Spirit Church 
Please note that during COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS Weekend Masses are suspended. 
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St Anthony's Church

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Holy Spirit Church
Please note that during COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS 
Weekday Masses are suspended

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