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Liturgical Flowers

Flowers enrich the liturgical experience because they reflect the beauty of God’s love for us in His creation. The church environment we worship in reflects the season of the liturgical year. When placing anything on or around the sanctuary or church, there is always a focus on the requirements of the liturgy and the ritual actions that will take place. 

At times the arrangements are vast and magnificent, others times more simple and sometimes not at all, as in the season of Lent. Floral displays can function as an aid by making the spoken or written word visible. The composition of the arrangement can help comprehend the message being conveyed, using plants and accessories can help create a physical impression of a thought, idea or belief. 

We are fortunate in our Parish to have teams of parishioners who give of their time and use their gifts to design and create floral arrangements for the altar on a weekly basis and for special liturgical seasons and feast days. This is a practical way in which you can participate in the liturgy and enhance the community’s experience of the Eucharist.
We would welcome more people to assist in this ministry, please contact the Parish office if this is something you are interested in.

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