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The sacristans work closely with the Parish Priest Fr Ireneusz to ensure that the church environment is reverently prepared for every Celebration of the Eucharist. A dedicated team of committed parishioners whose liturgical ministry involves the opening and closing of the Church as well as the arrangement the books needed for the celebration, marking all of the correct readings for Sundays, week days and Feast days. They lay out anything else needed for the celebration, such as Lectionary and Roman Missal, cruets, chalices, ciborium, linens, oils, and light candles. 

Everything used in the liturgical environment is handled with care and reverence and placed in an appropriate location whether it be setting up for Mass or packing away after Mass is finished. They carry out their ministry with care and concern ensuring that the things necessary for worship are always available. They check that there is a ready supply of fresh hosts and of duly authorized wine, sufficient clean purificators, corporals, hand towels, incense and coals. They make sure that the sanctuary lamp are lit, that the altar cloths are changed regularly, and that the holy water stoups are clean and replenished frequently. 

They ensure all is ready for a prayerful and meaningful celebration of the Eucharist whereby the parish community can arrive at a welcoming and hospitable place of worship. 

For further information about this liturgical ministry contact the parish office.

Our Locations

Holy Spirit Church
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury

St Anthony's Church
45 Railway Place, Alphington

Parish Office
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury


Weekend Masses

Holy Spirit Church 
Please note that during COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS Weekend Masses are suspended. 
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Sat  5pm
Sun 10am

St Anthony's Church

Sun 9am (Italian)
Sun 11am

Weekday Masses

Holy Spirit Church
Please note that during COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS 
Weekday Masses are suspended

Tue 9:15am
Thu  9:15am (Italian)

St Anthony's Church

Wed  9:15am
Fri  9:15am

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