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Sacramental Program

The Sacramental Program has been active for many years and we have had many families join us over those years. It has been wonderful to see brothers and sisters follow through the program and to catch up on family news. Children who attend schools other than St. Anthony’s or Holy Spirit Primary Schools are invited to join the program so that they can prepare and celebrate the Sacraments with other members of the Parish Family.  

It has been an honour for me to be a part of the program, working with the children and to help them to extend their relationship with Jesus. Many of them have a lovely way of expressing their understandings of the catholic faith and traditions that we hold dear. They enjoy looking over the Church and discovering different areas that are generally not available during Mass. Their parents are always interested and willing to extend their knowledge with their children after classes finish.

Every Sacrament brings different aspects of our faith life to the children and to teach them about those traditions and the stories of Jesus are always a good part of the program. I combine a number of resources based at the children’s understandings. It has been wonderful to include the Holy Spirit families over the past years. It is amazing that many of the children attend school together and didn’t realise they would know anyone at the classes until they join. I do appreciate the great honour I have been entrusted with from both communities.

Margaret Harrington
Sacramental Program Coordinator

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