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Holy Spirit is located in the inner city suburb of East Thornbury. The school services the eastern part of Thornbury. It is in partnership with St. Anthony’s Parish  and Fr. Dispin John is the Parish Priest. There are 270 students at the school, 180 families and 32 staff members.

Holy Spirit became a parish in 1953 with Fr. John Brace as the first parish priest.  In the same year the school, staffed by the Good Samaritan Sisters, opened its doors. Initially many children came from the overcrowded classes of St. Mary’s school, the neighbouring parish. Over time Holy Spirit parish school developed its own identity and became an integral part of the parish community. It has a well-established reputation in the area. This is reflected in its strong enrolments and its very active and committed parent body. 

The school, consisting of the main building originally constructed in 1951 as a church, has been added to in the subsequent years. In 2006 a new school library was built and further refurbishments and two classrooms added in 2010 through the federal government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) project.  This allows for 10 classrooms, a computer laboratory, a multipurpose area, and 6 offices.  The BER grant also allowed us to renovate the hall making it a more functional space for the community.  A Supplementary Capital Grant from the Catholic Education Office allowed us to completely rebuild and modernize the administration area.

Holy Spirit is a parish catholic school whose faith is integral to the life of the community. It endeavors to live out of its Vision statement which has at its very centre the motto, “Our school community should be one that Jesus would walk today and recognise as His  own.”  The beliefs, values, traditions and teachings are woven into all areas of the curriculum, particularly the religious education and sacramental programs. Our faith guides our relationships with others and all adult members of the community give witness to, and support the growth in faith of the students in our care. All staff and students in our school community are responsible for revealing the love of God by their words and actions.

In 2011 contemporary learning practices were introduced to the school. Flexible  classroom structures and increased opportunities for discussion with their teachers have allowed students time to reflect on and set goals, explore options and information and make better learning choices. In these settings teachers are able to provide greater support and direction for students who need it and give greater flexibility to students who are self-directed and able to work independently. The implementation of contemporary learning has ‘opened up the doors’ of the classrooms and encouraged teachers and students to work collaboratively. It has also provided more opportunities for parents to help in the classroom.  This initiative has been an exciting one for all involved and one that is continually evolving in order to meet the needs of the student. 

A  wide range of leadership opportunities are available to our students. Several    leadership teams have been established; school captains are elected and a Student Representative Council is formed. We have a very active Social Justice Team that calls the school community to action over injustices in the world, reminding us to be more like Jesus Christ in all we do.  Our Green Team ensures that the community is mindful of sustainability issues and our Better Buddies Team encourages the students to interact in a respectful and compassionate way.   The different student leadership teams allow for greater student voice and involvement in the life of the school. Developing student leadership is yet another way to encourage students to be independent directors of, and contributors to their environment. It is about acknowledging their gifts and talents and abilities to direct their learning.

We  also have lots of fun at Holy Spirit School with events such as Pancake Tuesday, Celebrity Day, A 100 Days of Prep, Sausage Sizzles, Performing Arts Presentations and Design Day. Our fetes, which are held biannually, unite parish and school community in a very special way. From the many parents and parishioners involved in organising the grand event to the large numbers of  families and members of the public who attend on the day. They are enormously successful, not only financially, but most importantly from a community building perspective.

Our Locations

Holy Spirit Church
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury

St Anthony's Church
45 Railway Place, Alphington

Parish Office
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury


Weekend Masses

Holy Spirit Church 
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OR through Twitter: @ic_sds

Sat  5pm 
Sun 10am 

St Anthony's Church

Sat 6pm
Sun 9am in Italian 
Sun 11am

Weekday Masses

Holy Spirit Church

Tue 9:15am Communion Service
Tue 7.30pm Mass
Thur 9:15am (Italian Mass)

St Anthony's Church

Wed  9:15am
Fri  9:15am

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