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The Catholic Parish of Holy Spirit & St Anthonys and the Schools have preference.

Initial enquiries are to be made with the parish office who will put you in touch with the hall manager. 

Normally, $500.00 per night (or $250.00 to parishioners who actively contribute to the parish thanksgiving campaign) payable when the keys are obtained. An additional Deposit/Bond of $500.00 must be made when the booking is confirmed. This will be returned within 3 working days when the keys are returned and provided the hall is left in a clean and tidy state. Hall manager to make an inspection. Casual rates apply for all other times except Fri. & Sat. nights. Casual rates are $50 per hour (or $30 per hour for parishioners who contribute to the parish thanksgiving campaign). All rates include GST.

Arrangements to be made with Hall Manager for the pick-up and return of the keys. Always secure padlocks after opening the gates.

Access is to be determined with the Hall Manager. The hall manager will instruct on the alarm use. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the alarm procedures. If the alarm is not activated on closing a call out fee will be invoiced to the user. No loud music should be played during the setting up period.

No adhesive tapes or adhesives of any kind are to be used. Decorations may be attached to the hooks on the picture rail. Every last detail must be removed or the bond will be forfeited.

Due to council regulations, all music is to cease by midnight and the hall is to be vacated and alarm activated by 12.30am. Guests should be requested to leave quietly so as not to disturb the local residents, a number of whom are elderly. All rubbish is to be removed from the premises by the user. School wheelie bins are not to be used. Failure to remove rubbish or adhere to finish times will result in forfeiture of the bond. 

The facilities are to be maintained at the highest levels of hygiene and safety. The kitchen is NOT to be used as a dressing/changing room.

The Hall Manager will arrange for an inspection prior to the refund of the $500.00 bond.  All rubbish must be removed from the premises by the user. Any damage should be reported by the user to the Hall Manager. Floors must be swept and, if needed, mopped clean. Toilet facilities must be cleaned.

Our Locations

Holy Spirit Church
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury

St Anthony's Church
45 Railway Place, Alphington

Parish Office
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury


Weekend Masses

Holy Spirit Church 
Please visit our You Tube channel for virtual liturgies if you feel unwell or cannot join us in church: 
OR through Twitter: @ic_sds

Sat  5pm 
Sun 10am 

St Anthony's Church

Sat 6pm
Sun 9am in Italian 
Sun 11am

Weekday Masses

Holy Spirit Church

Tue 9:15am Communion Service
Tue 7.30pm Mass
Thur 9:15am (Italian Mass)

St Anthony's Church

Wed  9:15am
Fri  9:15am

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