Holy Spirit - Thornbury East  ||  St Anthony - Alphington


There are two churches, which belong to our Parish: Holy Spirit in Thornbury East and St Anthony's in Alphington. There are also two primary schools. For children who do not attend a Catholic school, we offer a comprehensive Religious Education Program. Incorporated into this program are: the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. We are one Christian Family!

This site was created not only for the benefit of our parishioners but also for anyone who would be interested in our activities. If you would like to become a catholic or renew your catholic faith, we would love to hear from you ASAP! You are ALWAYS welcome to our community! You can even become a member of one of many groups existing in our parish or you can simply choose to be part of the parish as whole.

Jesus saved us as a community and He wants us to worship Him as a community (not only as individuals). So, come and see, experience God’s mercy, compassion and Christian love among us!

In Christ the Saviour
Fr Ireneusz Czech SDS
Parish Priest

Our Locations

Holy Spirit Church
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury

St Anthony's Church
45 Railway Place, Alphington

Parish Office
248 Raleigh Street, East Thornbury


Weekend Masses

Holy Spirit Church

Sat  5:00pm
Sun  9:30am

St Anthony's Church

Sat  6:00pm
Sun  9:30am (Italian)
Sun  11:00am

Weekday Masses

Holy Spirit Church

Tue 9:15am
Thu  9:15am (Italian)

St Anthony's Church

Wed  9:15am
Fri  9:15am

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